When the world was crippled with Covid-19, in the first wave, people collectively proved they are resilient. By staying apart, we all came together to help curb the spread of the virus. Every Canadian played their part by being responsible citizens and adhering to necessary coronavirus guidelines. While the first time around individuals were headstrong to take on a challenge, as the second wave of the virus takes over, people all over the world are feeling tired and defeated. 

Though people showed camaraderie and brotherhood throughout summer and fall, by standing in long ques outside restaurants and supermarkets, the same gesture might not be possible to keep up during the dark, cold winter months. As social interactions are at a minimum and public places remain unsafe due to the second wave of coronavirus pandemic, it can feel overwhelming for certain individuals. 

Here onwards, we will have to make a lot more effort to ensure we stay strong enough to make it through the second wave of covid-19 in Canada. The latest spurt of infections is making waves across the nation, to help you cope with the second wave of the global pandemic, here are a few ways. 

Accepting the World as It Is 

The first step to acceptance is acknowledgement. See things for what they are and do not take the current situation to heart. Accept that we already dealt with it once before and we are better equipped to manage it the second time around. Once the feeling of shock has worn off, and acceptance has settled in, it will be much easier for you to cope with the global pandemic.   

As the current scenario continues to evolve, we need to accept the situation and move on with a smile collectively. Unfortunately, the virus is here to stay for a while. Rather than getting frustrated, it is better to remind yourself you can’t control life. Instead, accept the reality and take necessary precautionary measures to ensure your safety as well as those around you. 

How to Improve Mental Health? 

To ensure your psychological well-being, learn to prioritize your mental well-being. Benefits of prioritizing your mental health include having a greater sense of self-control, improved self-esteem, better mood and lower chances of depression. Otherbenefits include improved inner peace and reduced anxiety. Here are some habits to improve mental health.  

Treat yourself well by practising self-care daily. You can do so by eating healthy foods, getting proper rest and sleep, or by practising meditation. Another great way is to journal. You can journal about your daily thoughts, daily incidents or things you are grateful for. A gratitude journal fills you with positive thoughts and helps you attract even more positivity into your life. One of the best ways to improve mental health is to engage in positive self-talk by being mindful of your inner dialogue. We often tend to put ourselves down with negative internal dialogue; this can lower self-esteem and lead to depression. Benefits of positive self-talk include improved feel-good factor, confidence and coping with daily hardships. 

Prioritize your mental health by surrounding yourself with positive people who uplift your spirit. Being around individuals who gossip, put you down and bring negativity into your life can be draining and become a source of stress. On the other hand, positive individuals brighten your day and add more joy into your life. 

How to Socialize During Social Distancing Measures? 

In these challenging times of current social distancing rules, it can be daunting how to stay in touch with family and friends. However, collectively you and your social circle need to find creative ways to interact with each other virtually. This can be over weekly or daily video calls, watching movies online together or having lunches virtually together. You can also attend webinars for personal growth, learn a new skill online or attend a workout class to stay fit together. Enjoying new experiences, whether in person or virtually, can help maintain social bonds and give you something fun to talk about. 

You can also have a few friends or family members over as long as each one of you follows coronavirus guidelines. This includes maintaining good hand hygiene, keeping a 6 feet distance and wearing a mask at all times other than eating. However, if you are not comfortable or fear putting other vulnerable individuals of your social circle at risk, such as your parents, stick to virtual meetings for now. 

Similarly, if your children are bored or want to go on a playdate with their friends, try your best to keep all activities online. However, if you are comfortable taking your kid outdoors, make sure to set boundaries and have everyone follow them. Pack disposable plates, cups and utensils and tell the kids not to share their snacks. Instead, keep some extra snacks to distribute among other kids and parents to maintain goodwill. Children learn the most by watching their parents. So, follow the guidelines yourself and set a good example. 

Always Help Those in Need 

We are all in this together; therefore, we must come together and reach out to others to ensure we can collectively cope in these trying times. Your neighbours, colleagues, friends, parents or grandparents might be living by themselves and maybe experiencing heightened isolation. Many individuals across the globe are struggling at the moment with mental health issues due to solitude and economic hardships due to losing their jobs. We need to take society-wide measures to be there for those in need. Gestures such as grocery shopping for elderly neighbours, calling now and then and donating clothes to less fortunate are small gestures, yet some of the best ways to help those in need. 


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In life, nothing lasts forever, nor the good, bad or stressful times. Similarly, this too, shall pass. Hang in there. Accept the reality, learn coping skills to help navigate through these challenging times and stick close to your friends and family. Do the best you can to make sure you do not feel overwhelmed, stay home and learn new skills virtually to promote your personal growth. Make the most of this time by staying fit and healthy. Once the pandemic subsides, collectively as a society, we can all rejoice in the knowledge we made it through with a positive attitude.