While some offices are opening up, others are choosing to remain closed. A surge of professionals working from home has changed the way we think of workspaces. Previously we relied heavily on our employers to provide a comfortable work environment where we thrived. However, working remotely means the ball is in your court. You get to decide how to go about your daily tasks, meet deadlines, and stay on schedule. 

No doubt working from home has its own perks. Nonetheless, it also presents its own set of challenges, such as fighting the urge to take mid-afternoon naps, friends and family members calling during office hours to have long chats, not to mention kids running to you with excitement or unresolved arguments. These distractions can seem insurmountable to overcome; however, time management is the key to staying on track, focused, and productivewhile working from home. 

Moreover, being at home also means that you reach out for the alluring snacks in the kitchen cabinet every time you get a craving. These can quickly escalate your calorie count and plummet your health. Besides, since there are no coworkers and no need to walk around to anyone else’s work station, sometimes it can be hours before you even realize you have moved from your seat, which is extremely unhealthy for your circulation. Furthermore, most individuals end up working the entire day in an ergonomically unsound position, which can take a toll on even the healthiest individual’s body posture and health. 

To overcome everyday obstacles, we have accumulated working from home tips to ensure your well-being. 

Importance of Work Schedule 

Working on-site comes with a designated work time slot, which is much easier to follow daily. However, this can be a bit difficult when working remotely. Meetings can elongate, and schedules can turn into flexible work hours, thereby disrupting your personal life and work life. Prevent this from happening by maintaining a strict schedule and healthy boundaries.  

Are you wondering how to stick to a schedule during quarantine? Here are some tips. Time yourself when you start and end tasks. The same goes for lunch and coffee breaks. Try to replicate your daily office work routine at home. Maintaining your work schedule ensures you get work done on time and signals to your coworkers you will not be working beyond the work timings. Once your work timings are complete, keep your phone aside and avoid taking any calls from work. Setting healthy boundaries help maintain a work/life balance that is often disturbed when working from home. 

How to Create a Good Work from Home Environment? 

You cannot expect to be productive while working remotely if you work on the bed all day with the TV blaring on high volume or your kids arguing and shouting among each other. Not to mention, it appears unprofessional to your coworkers and employer while they hear these distractions in the background during team meetings. Furthermore, not having a proper backrest or hunching on your laptop can lead to severe back pains. Avoid distractions by designating a work from home workspace

We understand, not everyone has a spare room at their disposal. You can still temporarily use the drawing-room as a makeshift office or any other place where you can sit alone and work peacefully. Once you have a room to yourself, make sure it has a desk and comfortable chair for back support. Decorate your work station as per your preference to avoid distractions. However, a minimal distraction-free workspace is the most productive. Make sure you have a diary, pen, a working internet connection, and anything else you need to get the job done, so you do not find yourself spending time looking for things in the other room while an important deadline lurks overhead. 

Importance of Staying Active While Working from Home 

Though working from home gives you the freedom to dress however you want, eat and drink whenever you please, drinking too many cups of coffee, energy drinks, or alcohol throughout the day can cause acidity. Individuals who tend to space their meals apart too many hours can risk developing acidity and aggravating gastric reflux and gastric acids. Therefore, it is better to eat small healthy snacks frequently, such as nuts, fruit salads, and granola bars. Similarly, if you enjoy eating spicy meals or deep-fried foods, it is better to avoid them during office hours. These foods can also trigger acidity and can, therefore, potentially disturb your productivity and health. 

Since the pantry is at your disposal when working remotely, it can be tempting to overeat meals. However, overeating can cause acidity, bloating, constipation, and heartburn. Moreover, eating in high quantities can also slow down digestion. Instead, try mindfully practising portion control and taking 10 to 20-minute breaks before reaching for another helping. 

Sitting at your desk for countless hours can lead to poor circulation, which can put your health at risk. Instead, consider taking short walks around the house to get the body moving, aid digestion, and improve blood circulation. If possible, take a brief walk once every hour. Utilize this time to say a quick hello to your family, drink a glass of water, or visit the restroom if you desire. 

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Staying Fit While Working from Home 

Just because you are not at the workplace is no excuse to let go of yourself. Make sure to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. Though this is essential throughout the year, it is crucial for individuals working remotely. Sitting at your desk all day, then going straight to the couch or bed, means less physical activity than usual. 

When you are at the office, you commute, walk around the premises, colleagues’ desks, and even go to the cafeteria. However, at home, physical activity is limited. Therefore, it is essential now more than ever to include a workout routine to stay fit, boost immunity, and improve circulation. Here are some exercises to do while working from home jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, plank, or strength training exercises. You can also try yoga, Pilates, or brisk walking in your neighbourhood. 

Maintain Your Sleep Schedule 

Work from home is no excuse to change your sleep routine. Occasionally watching late-night movies can be fun, however watching TV or scrolling through your phone till 3 am. every day can take a toll on your immunity, make you feel irritated and groggy the next day. Therefore, try your best to sleep and wake up at the same time as usual. This will help you stick to your daily work schedule with ease and prevent you from disturbing your sleep pattern. 

Tips for Eating Healthy While Working from Home 

Suppose your kitchen is loaded with salty treats, bags of chips, and sugary desserts; that is what you will gravitate towards. Eating unhealthy snacks can lead to obesity, lack of oxygen-rich blood circulation, and even visceral fat. Swap it for a healthy lifestyle. Fill up your kitchen cabinets with fresh fruits, green veggies, nuts, seeds, and yogurt. These are delicious to eat, filling, and good for your health. If there is no preservative packed treats in your home, soon picking fresh produce for snacks will become second nature. 


It is easy to let go of yourself, work overtime, or get distracted while working remotely.Therefore, it is monumental to try your best to stay on top of your game. We hope our well-being tips for working from home help you maintain a daily schedule and good health while working remotely.