If you are always looking for ways to make the most of Family Day, then join us as we explore fun ways to enjoy it. This holiday is celebrated in certain parts of Canada on the 3rd Monday of February. To make the most of it we have gathered a list of six activities your whole family can enjoy – no one will be bored, we promise.   

  • Breakfast  

What’s better than kick-starting the day with a delicious, hearty breakfast for the entire family? Involving the whole family in the preparation! That’s right, make delicious pancake batters in vibrant colours and have your kids and hubby enjoy making pancake art as they get cooking. Cut out fresh fruits with heart-shaped cookie cutters, make delicious smoothies, maybe even chocolate shakes with adorable straws and napkins. Serve muffins, French toast with your favourite herbal tea and enjoy!   

  • Baking with the Kids 

Take the time to really enjoy this beautiful holiday with the ones you love the most. Teach your little ones a recipe or two, it may result in a messy kitchen counter, dirty aprons and a sink full of dishes, but we guarantee you it will be a priceless moment. Who knows, your kids may even discover their inner baker and fall in love with the whole experience. It will help bond everyone closer and will surely make them more grateful once they see how much effort goes into preparation.  

  • Ice Skating 

Gear the entire family in their winter best and head over to the nearest ice rink to enjoy skating. Not only is it fun, but it also gets the blood flowing and doubles as a workout since it focuses on lower body movement, burns calories and helps build leg muscles.  

  • Family Portraits 

Who doesn’t love a good family portrait? You can add fun to this simple activity by wearing matching attire, adding bubbles in the background, or maybe even a few props. You can also hire a professional photographer to capture some classic photos to be framed in your living room or even to be used for Christmas cards.  

  • Game Night 

Kids absolutely love game nights, take this moment to bring the whole family together, pull out some board games, ready, set, go! Some of our personal favourites are Monopoly, Ludo, Scrabble and UNO. If your children prefer video games, you could give it a shot and see why they like it so much.   

  • Bonfire 

For an unforgettable evening plan a bonfire. You can enjoy coffee, hot chocolates and s’mores while you watch the sunset. Perhaps you could take this time to reconnect and have a heart to heart with the kids or keep it light-hearted and talk about campfire stories from your childhood. If you want to take it further pull out the BBQ grill and have yourself a family BBQ party.  

  • Bedtime Stories 

This is hands down the most adorable activity to enjoy with your little angel. There is nothing more relaxing than curling up in bed with a good book surrounded by your loved ones. The more pictures there are in the book, the better. This makes it a more interactive experience. If your children are learning to read, let them pass it around and read in turns. This will help them gain confidence and encourage them to read more. To make it even more fun let your inner child take over as you enjoy making animated voices which leave your kids in a fit of giggles.