If your New Year’s Resolution list includes getting in shape and saving the planet from deteriorating, then going vegan is surely for you. Veganism is good for the environment as well as your health. Tons of celebrities have adopted this lifestyle including Alicia Silverstone and Stevie Wonder and for good reasons. Over the last few years it has really taken over the nation by storm. The world is quickly starting to take notice and get on the bandwagon.  

There are over 850,000 vegans and 2.3 million vegetarians in CanadaThis is one of the most trending topics especially among health enthusiasts, after all, our diet has a massive impact on our lives. It determines our weight, skin, hair and nail health as well, as how healthy and happy we are. Moreover, it also determines which diseases we attract, as well as which businesses profit from our spending. Remember as consumers you have the upper hand to vote with your wallet and you get to decide whether you want to promote healthy or unhealthy meals, save lives of animals or chow them down for lunch. 

Why Vegan Over Vegetarian? 

Before we jump into the benefits of veganism let us clarify the most burning question on everybody’s mind. Vegan versus vegetarian diet, which is the better diet to adopt and what sets them apart.  

For starters, vegans do not only eat a plant-based diet, they also do not eat any animal byproducts for instance eggs, milk and cheese. On the other hand, most vegetarians include animal products in their staple diet.  

Though most vegans follow similar guidelines, there are several different types of vegetarians: 

PescatariansThis is a semi-vegetarian diet which includes all kinds of seafood, but no meat or poultry. 

Lacto: These vegetarians include dairy produce in their diet, but avoid all seafood, poultry, meat and eggs. 

Ovo: Vegetarians eat eggs, but avoid all poultry, meat, seafood and dairy products. 

Lacto-ovo: Also known as ovo-lacto, originate from the Latin words which mean eggs and milk. These vegetarians enjoy eating both eggs and dairy products, but avoid all seafood, meat and poultry.  

Compelling Reasons to Go Vegan 

If you are dabbling with the idea of switching your diet due to your passion for animal welfare or to experience the numerous health reasons to go vegan, then you have come to the right place.  

Why Veganism is Good for Animals? 

If you love animals, then there is no better way to save these adorable creatures than by switching gears on your diet. Did you know every individual that goes vegan saves approximately 200 animals annually? 

In case you are concerned about not having you or your kid’s nutritional needs met due to the absence of meat, we are here to debunk the myth. A plant-based diet is packed with all your dietary needs and is therefore, sufficient for a healthy life. Vegan diet benefits for animals enables them to frolic freely in green pastures and allows them to live long carefree lives. 

In case you think veganism stops at food, you are mistaken! It goes beyond that. Vegans are known to avoid animal derived fabrics such as animal skin, suede and leather. Since animals are treated inhumanely in the process of making fabric from animal byproducts, therefore, vegans also avoid wearing silk and wool. Furthermore, when choosing beauty and skincare products they prefer cruelty-free cosmetics which is not tested on animals. Take it a step further by using top herbal productssuch as those made by Herbion Naturals. Our dietary supplements contain plant-based ingredients that are beneficial for the whole family. 

Reasons to Avoid Animal Products? 

The next time you are ready to dive into a meal containing eggs, meat or any other animal byproduct recall they have a high contamination possibility of antibiotics, dioxins, bacteria, hormones and are also a host of toxins which can lead to health problems. Not to mention the various diseases that can contaminate animal flesh. But wait it gets worse, antibiotics given to farm animals are loaded with significant amounts of carcinogenic content which can lead to obesity, gynecomastia and cancer development. Unfortunately, even organic poultry and animals are not safe, therefore, it is best to avoid, rather than risk your health.  

Can the World Sustain a Vegan Diet? 

Shockingly there are approximately 7 billion people living on the planet, with numerous of them starving due to lack of food, while the world has a capacity of producing food for 10 billion people. Unfortunately, the grains fed to animals on farms can easily be given to individuals to eradicate hunger. Going vegan would mean you get to vote with your wallet and decide not only to save animals, but also grow more vegetables and grains for the eradication of world hunger.  

Health Reasons to Go Vegan 

There is nothing more valuable than your health. Instead of eating whatever is served, take things in your own hands and decide what you want to eat to ensure you remain healthy and fit for years to come. Everyone knows eating your greens is excellent for good health, but to what extent? 

Veganism benefits individuals by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Furthermore, plant-based diets also lower the risk of strokes, diabetes and even cancer.  

Did you know the World Health Organization has deemed cooking meat at high-temperatures to contribute to generating compounds which can potentially lead to carcinogenicrisk? So, why take a risk? Let the animals enjoy mooing and clucking all day, while you indulge in a low-fat plant-based diet that contributes to your overall well-being. 

Going Vegan to Lose Weight 

Weight loss and maintenance has never been this easy. One of the many veganism advantages include shedding off extra pounds. On an average, individuals who eat a meaty diet weigh more and have a higher body mass index (BMI). On the other hand, most vegans have a healthy BMI. 

Meat is rich in fat content and does not contain any carbs. Additionally, the rich calorie density of animal products tends to enable people to overeat. If that was not enough, meat is notorious for containing growth stimulating hormones which do no favours to your body. So, if you want to avoid excess weight gain, skip counting calories every time you sit down to eat and would prefer looking lean effortlessly, then come to the vegan side, we have vegan cookies and other delicious alternatives to every meal your heart desires. 

Improved Digestion and Beautiful Skin 

If that was not enough to convince you, vegans also have better digestion and better skin. Since fatty foods and dairy produce are some of the leading causes of acne, the absence of this gives individuals visibly beautiful skin.  

On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. Munching on these yummy treats can amp up your skin health, plus the high fiber content aids digestion and promotes the elimination of toxins within the body. All of this results in a healthy and beautiful you. 

Best Things About Being Vegan 

We believe the best part about going vegan is that you get to live a guilt-free and cruelty-free life. If you love pets then you know each dog or cat has a unique personality, similarly so do farm animals. By choosing not to eat them, you can have a massive impact on the industry as a whole and stop this unnecessary massacre right in it’s tracks. 

Bonus: Vegan Diet for Beginners 

Now that you know the benefits, lets delve into some handy veganism tips. As veganism is skyrocketing every day, the boom of vegan alternatives has only just begun. Over the last few years, the food industry is becoming more conscious and serving sandwiches, burgers and even ice creams all made with healthy vegan alternatives. These meatless and dairy-free options are not only wholesome, but also taste great and no animals are hurt in the making.  

If you do not already know, going vegan helps save a bucket load of money and also improves your mood. You heard us right! Plant-based diets are loaded with antioxidants which help reduce depression, anxiety, fatigue and even stress. Moreover, carbohydrate-rich foods, such as rye bread, brown rice and steel-cut oats all help manage serotonin levels. Serotonin helps control social behaviour and mood. It also helps maintain sleep, appetite, digestion and memory. Pair veganism with the intake of all herbal products to get onboard with an absolutely winning lifestyle.