Isn’t it absurd how some kids breeze through the cold and flu season without getting ill, while others can’t seem to catch a break? As mom’s, we want the very best for our kids and good health is by far the highest priority.  

Why You Should Keep Kids Active? 

In an article cited in the Europe PMC, researchersfound just 30 minutes of brisk walking induced modest changes in immune parameters. It specifically improved the circulation of white blood cells and natural killer cells, which enhance the immune system. Hence when the immune cells come across foreign invaders, they can kill them efficiently. However, the effects of exercise on the immune system are short-lived. Therefore, it is essential to exercise regularly. 

Mom’s if you want to strengthen your child’s immune system, promote growth and development, then be sure to encourage them to partake in daily physical activities ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. Here are some immune system strengthening activities we highly recommend for your little ones. The more you participate, the more likely your kids are to enjoy as well. 

What Role Does Exercise Play in Children’s Development? 

When it comes to exercising, you have to focus on making it fun for kids to get involved and do it daily. Try your best to make it seem like a playful activity rather than a strenuous workout. For these simple exercises, you can take your kids to the garden or head to the nearest park. 

Start with a few warm-up exercises to get the heart pumping, blood flowing and muscles moving. Activities which promote children’s physical development and boost immunity include the following: 

What Are the Best Exercises For Immune System? 

  • Stretching: You can let your kid practice stretching as part of warm-up exercises as well as when finishing up a workout routine. Stretching prevents injuries, helps maintain flexibility and agility. It further promotes blood flow, reduces muscle tension and improves joint health. 
  • Running: Kids adore running amuck, so they will most certainly enjoy this, plus it is excellent for building endurance. 
  • Skipping: This is another fun activity that most kids do anyway with friends during recess. Skipping improves coordination, reduces fat, burns calories and helps brain development. 
  • Jumping: builds core muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. You can incorporate criss-cross feet, hurdle hops, one-foot hops, jumping jacks and tuck jumps. 
  • Lunges and Squats: help build leg strength, which enables them to play all kinds of sports and fitness activities better.   
  • Push-Ups and Sit-Ups: Help build core muscles. 

What is the Importance of Immunity in the Body? 

A healthy immune system protects the body from harmful invaders such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and foreign particles, for instance, dust or due to an injury. Enhance your child’s immunity with immune system strengthening foods,immune system supplements and encouraging them to work out. 

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How Does Exercise Help Children’s Growth? 

Exercising benefits children in more ways than one. These include the following: 

  • Enhanced fitness 
  • Improved concentration 
  • Improved academic scores 
  • Stronger bones, heart and muscles 
  • Increased development and healthy growth 
  • Enhanced self-esteem 
  • Improved balance and posture 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Better sleep 

How to Keep Kids Active Indoors? 

Whether it is pouring rain outside or you simply cannot take kids to the park, you can try these fun ways to keep your little ones active indoors. 

Indoor Games for Kids 

Here are some indoor game ideas for kids to enjoy: 

  • Mini Dance Party: Create a playlist your little one enjoys dancing to and simply start dancing to it. Make it fun by freezing in a pose when the music stops and holding it until the music starts to play again. 
  • Miniature Obstacle Course: Create your own obstacle course using household items, such as chairs to crawl under, floor pillows to jump on and only allow stomach slides through the doorway. Make sure there are no sharp objects, so your child does not get hurt while playing. 
  • Indoor Bowling: You can fill empty water bottles and use a small ball to roll and knock them down. 
  • Hopscotch: Take a few cardboard pieces, paint large numbers and let them dry. Once ready, place them on a carpet to ensure they do not slip and slide.  
  • Scavenger Hunt: Take your little one’s plushies and hide them all across the house. Guide them with hot and cold signs or present riddles as to where the objects are hidden.  

Household Chores for Kids 

Allowing your kids to help around with household chores will not only keep them physically active but will also instill responsibility from an early age. Additionally, it will also teach them necessary practical skills which will serve them for a lifetime, not to mention they will gain an appreciation for all the hard work you and your partner put in. Keep chores for kids fairly simple such as making the bed, folding clothes, organizing their belongings, cleaning their room and setting the table. 

How to Keep Kids Active in Winter? 

As the city starts to wrap up in a cold white blanket of snow, snuggling in front of the fireplace while watching cartoons becomes most kid’s favourite activity. Momma’s don’t let the cold discourage you, instead make the most of it. Get your kids bundled up in warm clothing and head out to play! 

We recommend the following winter activities for kids: 

  • Building snowmen 
  • Snow shovel races 
  • Snowball fights 
  • Making snow angels 


We hope you find these nifty little tips helpful in keeping your little ones active throughout the year. Be sure to buy herbal supplements to keep on hand at all times.