Clinically proven to be safe and effective, Herbion’s product range comprises of various natural cold and flu remedies prepared using fine-quality, potent herbal ingredients. These herbal ingredients are extracted in such a manner that the natural goodness and efficacy of the herbs is not compromised.


Native to southern Europe and the Middle East, Hyssop has soothing, expectorant, and cough suppressant properties that make it an effective solution for common cold, flu, cough, and other symptoms of respiratory ailments.


This Nut is a medicinal plant that is used in traditional systems of medicine to treat asthma. The herb has expectorant properties, therefore it’s used in Ayurvedic system of medicine to treat chest congestion.

Licorice is an effective expectorant


Sweeter than honey and sugar, Liquorice is a pleasant tasting herb that treats a variety of respiratory symptoms and ailments, including sore throat, cough, chest congestion, and common cold.

Long Pepper helps the body absorb medicine faster


Long Pepper is a climber, of South Asian origin (Deccan peninsula), cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dyed and used as a spice and seasoning. It helps in expelling out the mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract.

Marshmallow plant leaves and roots are used to make medicine.


Marshmallow is a unique herb that’s not only used for culinary purposes, but also to treat cough and sore throat. The herb helps prevent coughing by forming a protective coating in the lungs and airways.


Also known as Lasoda, Cordia latifolia is used in the treatment of ulcers, as well as in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, and cough. In addition to this, it also facilitates the removal of mucus, thereby relieving chest congestion.

Jujube improves immune function


Jujube, which is commonly known as Chinese date, belongs to the Rhamnaceae family and has anti-inflammatory, antispastic, and antioxidant properties. When used in combination with other herbs, jujube can treat colds, flu, and cough

Gojihva is widely used to treat asthma and bronchitis.


Rich in calcium, potassium, and sodium, Gojihva is a natural expectorant and tonic. It’s commonly used in the treatment of a variety of respiratory disorders, including asthma, cough, and rhinitis.


A member of Violaceae family, sweet violet or wild violet is used in traditional medicine to treat skin disorders, insomnia, and a variety of respiratory illnesses, including bronchitis and cough.

Galangal is used widely for its analgesic properties


Used extensively in cooking, Greater Galangal or Thai Ginger is used in powdered form with liquorice root for the treatment of cold and sore throat in folk medicine.

White Willow Bark is commonly used for pain relief.


White Willow or Willow Bark is a member of Salicaceae family. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make it suitable for use in the treatment of body aches and pains associated with common cold and flu.


Tea is a natural bronchodilator and is therefore suitable for asthmatic patients and those with chest congestion. It also possesses anti-oxidant properties, which helps the body fight against common ailments.


Valerian is a flowering plant that contains antispasmodic properties. It’s particularly useful for patients who are experiencing serious discomfort due to stubborn dry cough as it prevents cough reflux, thereby treating excessive coughing.

Sweet Fennel can decrease respiratory tract secretions.


Commonly used to treat flatulence and other gastrointestinal issues, Sweet Fennel is an aromatic herb that has decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties, and is therefore useful for patients with chronic coughs and sinus congestion.

Indian Gooseberry has been used as Ayurvedic medicine for decades


Also known as Amla, Indian Gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C which is a natural anti-oxidant. In addition to this, it also has antiviral and astringent properties which makes it a useful herb for the prevention and treatment of common colds and flu.