As COVID-19 spreads across the globe affecting millions of people, schools, offices, cinemas, restaurants and pubs are shutting down, making it increasingly evident, self-isolation is a vital measure to protect public health. However, practicing social distancing and continuously being bombarded by the news about this grim and unfortunate pandemic can take a toll on even the most happy-go-lucky individual’s mental health. Self-isolation can stem anxiety and stress and also lead to having negative thoughts causing depression. 

So, how does one preserve their mental wellbeing and safeguard emotional stability knowing full well self-isolation might be needed for months? Continue reading to discover simple ways to turn your day around and brighten up your life with tips for mental health as well as productivity. Productivity plays a role in feeling good about yourself, as it gives you a sense of achievement and also allows you to stay busy. So, without further delay, let’s get started. 

How to Improve Mental Health While Staying Productive? 

There are so many little things we do every day that add a little sunshine and a little sparkle to our routine and make our life better without even paying it a thought. When you break it down, habits to improve mental health involve the little things in life, which make us happy. Such as the daily kindness that you show to strangers, or a bubbly hello to the next-door neighbour, or simply popping into your favourite coffee shop to treat yourself. 

Happiness is all around us, no matter our circumstances, it is up to us to make the most of what we have. Though you might have practiced it without giving it much thought before, you can still do it by putting in a little extra effort. Below are some handy tips to ensure you surge positivity into your daily schedule. 

How to Increase Social Connection? 

The importance of human connection lies in the fact that it helps us feel human, appreciated and loved. As a family set aside time to catch up on each other’s lives. Bonding and spending quality time are the best gifts any parent can give to their kids. It helps build trust and reminds your kids you value them and they are heard.  

Take time to video call your parent’s or your spouse’s parents so you can enjoy a wholesome time with your family and everyone can feel a little less lonely. You can even grab a cup of Dalgona coffeeand call a friend for a one-on-one conversation.  

Negative Effects of News 

Watching the news all day can add to stress levels. Though we do not believe in being blissfully unaware either, however, too much exposure to negative news can stem unwanted negative thoughts and predispose you to negativity. Instead, choose short bursts of news for 20 minutes or so to catch up and stay informed. 

Positivity requires a shift of focus. Hence you must focus more on the positivity around the world. Self-isolation does not have to be so negative. It is bringing families closer and opening people’s hearts to give more to charity.  

You can help others as well by making a small donation to a charity organization of your choice or by helping an elderly neighbour pick up groceries form the superstore. These little acts of kindness can help promote goodwill and positivity into your heart. 

Some other ways of staying positive include listening to podcasts, learning a new hobby and even journaling your thoughts. As parents, we often forget to pay attention to ourselves. However, this is the perfect opportunity to make some ‘me time’ on the daily for yourself. 

Benefits of Meditation and Yoga 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and a whirlwind of emotions, try mindful meditation to regain your centre and redirect your thoughts. The spiritual and physical benefits of meditation make it extremely beneficial for individuals, especially during this pandemic. Meditation helps in more ways than one; it reduces stress, elevates anxiety and promotes self-awareness. It also improves attention span, helps reduce the chances of age-related memory loss and enables you to practice kindness to yourself. Often we can be too hard on ourselves, meditation helps you have a positive inner dialogue and therefore, improves your self-image and generate self-love. 

With excess hours of work from home and limited movement, we must consciously decide to move our body from time to time. Yoga is ideal for building awareness, harmony and strength in your body and mind. Yoga benefits for men and women include muscle strength, toning, flexibility and weight reduction. It also helps protect against injuries, maintain a balanced metabolism, elevate energy and vitality. 

Moreover, yoga is excellent for improving respiration, which we certainly need during this pandemic, and it improves blood circulation as well. Mental health benefits of yoga include mental relaxation, chronic stress relief, mental clarity and heightened concentration. 

How to Boost Immune System Naturally? 

Along with trying new cooking and baking recipes with your little ones, be sure to incorporate some immune system booster foods to your diet. A robust immune system can help keep you and your loved ones healthy. Some good options include: 

Vitamin A: Crucial for a robust immune system. It is found in apricots, broccoli, carrots, kale, mangoes, spinach and squash. 

Vitamin C: Increases the production of white blood cells. Found commonly in broccoli, Brussel sprouts, grapefruit, oranges, lemons and strawberries. Green and red peppers, as well as cooked cauliflower and cabbage, are also rich in vitamin C. 

Vitamin D: Impacts the number and activity of white blood cells which can potentially eliminate bacteria and viruses. Good sources of this potent vitamin include cheese, plant and dairy milk products, eggs, tofu and mushrooms. 

Get Back to Nature for a Healthy Life 

Being in self-isolation does not mean you should not sit in your garden or take a walk down the street. The last thing you want is to feel like a prisoner in your own home. Avoid this feeling by taking a stroll outside, or have your morning tea in the garden, or camp out for the night with your family in your own backyard. You can even set up a tent, wrap up in blankets, cook up s’mores, drink hot chocolate and tell funny stories. It could feel like a fun getaway and the best part is, you will not even feel homesick.