As the lockdown eases across Canada, we are still unsure when it will completely lift, and if life will go back to the normal, we once knew. With each special occasion going uncelebrated such as, birthdays or anniversaries, it feels the year is fleeting. 

Just like most adults, children are also getting tired of being cooped up at home, and now that online learning has wrapped up, this is the perfect time to spend quality time with your little ones. Since summer break is already in full swing and with COVID-19 prevailing, you do not want to be exposed to the virus while travelling. Instead, why not make the most of summer 2020 with a staycation in the cosy comfort of your home? 

Staycation Ideas for Quarantine 

One of the most fun and exciting ways to enjoy being home is by planning a staycation. The best part of this mini-vacation is, you do not have to go through airport check-in, wait at the lobby for hours or waste time travelling from one destination to another with a stiff neck and legs. A staycation can be as short as a few hours in a day, a weekend or an entire week. 

Are you looking for fun ways how to have a holiday in your own home? Our guide to ultimate staycation ideas for families will have you and your loved ones creating unforgettable memories, without stepping out of your backyard! All you need for a staycation is a little bit of creativity and some time to spare for planning and organizing. Be sure to get the kids involved from the selection of events, down to the food menu so they can enjoy staycation to the fullest. 

Whether you are looking for affordable staycation ideas or the best staycation ideas, we have got you covered. Keep reading to find out easy and doable staycation ideas at home. 

Select a Party Theme for Kids 

Planning with nothing in particular, can be a bit daunting. To spruce things up and add a little fun, choose a theme, such as summer vacations. Then plan everything around it. Due to the virus, you do not want to spend too much time at the store. Instead, try to use as many things from within your home as possible. This will also help to cut down your expenses. 

No matter which activity you select, be sure to take lots of photos, so you can cherish these memories and maybe even share them on social media to show others how you can create a little magic in your home. 

Pool Party Ideas for Kids 

No summer vacay is complete without going to the beach. However, in these uncertain times, going to public places is not the best idea. Instead, get a plastic swimming pool for kids or inflatable swimming pool for adults, as well as best inflatable pool toys, to play with, in your backyard. For an epic staycation, you can also get water guns and enjoy a fun water balloon fight in the lawn. 

Get colourful beach towels, sunblock and summer drinks ready, such as pink lemonade and iced tea. Serve delicious chilled fruits cut in adorable shapes, fruit juices with little umbrellas, ice lollies and ice creams to cool off. Have everyone wear their bathing suits and enjoy swimming. Be sure to keep plenty of chilled water available at all times so everyone can stay well hydrated. 

Scavenger Hunt for Kids in the House 

Children love scavenger hunts; they are fun and excellent for a staycation on a budget. You can include indoors and outdoors or restrict your little ones to one area. Kick things off by hiding treats or toys in various places of the house, make a colourful list of clues to distribute among the kids and enjoy. 

You can also play fun music while kids are hunting, so it does not get boring. If you want to add a creative spin, you can have an art scavenger hunt. This is perfect for budding artists as it allows them to draw and paint. You can even try a colour scavenger hunt; this lets your little ones learn colours and match them with different objects present in their environment.  

Instead of sticking to one theme, you can turn them into short segments for an all-day scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless! 

BBQ Entertainment Ideas 

BBQ parties are all about bonding over food, with good company and deep conversations. Involve the entire family in prepping meat, have little kids make assorted dips, salads and snacks that don’t require cutting or cooking. 

Decorate the table with colourful crockery and napkins, have everyone dress in their finest summer casualwear and enjoy a hearty meal. During dinner, everyone can share life updates and their school or work progress. You can even daydream a little and make plans of what you would like to do once the lockdown is completely lifted and the pandemic is history. 

Game Night Ideas 

Nothing bonds a family quite like healthy competition over super fun games. Whether your children like video games, best board games for kids or card games, assemble them all. Make teams and enjoy a carefree game day. 

For a little motivation, you can keep a scorecard and calculate who won the most games. You can even have your little ones get crafty and make a paper crown and tiara to be presented along with a prize to the winner at day end. 

Ultimate Backyard Camping 

Camping is hands down one of the best ways to bond as a family. Get your tents and sleeping bags ready and set them in the backyard. Round up the entire family and enjoy sitting under the open sky, with stars twinkling and summer breeze playing with your hair. 

Serve delicious snacks, such as grilled cheese, hot dogs, s’mores and hot chocolate. To take things up a notch, tell fun camp stories with torchlight and try to spend the entire night in your tents. However, if it gets too warm or if your children feel uncomfortable, you can sleep indoors as well. 

Family Movie Night 

Alternatively, you can also have a sleepover in your home, by setting up mattresses and pillows on the floor. Select family-friendly movies and enjoy. To make it fun, have the kids draw tickets for each family member and write time and movie names on it. 

No movie night is complete without theatre snacks. Get some caramel or butter popcorn popping, chocolate, coffee, sodas and anything your heart desires. Have your kids pour popcorn for everyone. You can make things extra fun by getting matching sleeping pajamas for the entire family.