Herbion Products FAQ’s

Syrup For Children

Does this have side effects?

When used in recommended doses, the syrup does not cause any major side effects.

Are there any special instructions for using this syrup?

The syrup should be taken a few hours before or after taking other medications.

What is the recommended dose of Herbion cough syrup for children?

Children (6 to 9 years) – Half teaspoon 3 to 4 times a day.
Children (10 to 12 years) and Teenagers – One teaspoon 3 to 4 times a day.

What does it contain?

For example, the syrup contains Gojihva, which is clearing the lungs and airways of excess mucus, relieving congestion of the chest.

Is it safe for children?

Yes. Herbion Cough Syrup for Kids has been specially formulated for children aged 6 years old for teenagers.

What is this for?

Herbion Cough Syrup for Children is an all-natural cure for all types of coughs, chest congestion and sore throats.

Sugar Free Cough Syrup

Which herbs does it contain?

Cough syrup contains four herbal ingredients, including Malabar Nut, Hyssop, Licorice and Long Pepper. Together, these four herbs clear the airways, relieve coughs and chest congestion.

What is the recommended dose for Herbion Sugar-Free Syrup Syrup?

The recommended dose of Herbion Adult Herbal Syrup is two teaspoons 3 to 4 times a day.

What type of sweetener does it contain?

Herbion’s Sugar-Free Cough Syrup is a taste-free, sugar-free formulation that contains Isomalt as a sweetener.

Is it safe for diabetics?

It is a syrup for cough without sugar and, therefore, is safe for diabetic patients.

What is this for?

Cough syrup is an all natural formula for the treatment of chest congestion and all types of coughs.

Cough Lozenges

What is this for?

Herbion Cough Tablets are used for the temporary relief of sore throat, chest congestion and cough in adults and children 12 years of age and older.

What is the recommended dose of lozenges for cough?

One to two pellets can be taken every two to three hours. Pellets should not be chewed or swallowed, and should slowly dissolve in the mouth.

What are the flavors to come?

Herbion cough lozenges are available in three different flavors, including honey lemon, mint and orange.

Is it safe for patients with diabetes?

The sugar-free form of lozenges for Herbion cough is safe for patients with diabetes. Sugar-free cough lozenges are available in three flavors: honey lemon, cherry and orange.

What medicinal ingredients does it contain?

The cough lozenges contain five different herbs with medicinal properties, including malabar nut, long pepper, hyssop, large galangal and licorice.

What is the maximum recommended duration of use?

Herbion’s Cough Lozenges is recommended for the short-term relief of cough, chest congestion and sore throat only. Pellets should not be used in the long term unless prescribed by a health professional.

Remedy for Colds and Flu

What is this for?

Herbion’s cold and flu remedy helps relieve coughs, chest congestion and bronchitis. On top of that, when prepared with hot water or tea, it soothes a sore and irritating throat too.

How to use Herbion’s cold and flu remedy?

Each packet of Herbion’s Cold and Flu Remedy should be mixed in a cup of hot water or tea to make a soothing drink.

What is the recommended dose of cold and flu medicine?

The recommended dose of Herbion Cold and Influenza In adults is a sachet taken three times a day.

What’s in it?

Cough syrup contains nine different herbs, each with different properties. For example, the syrup contains Gojihva, which removes the lungs and airways from excessive mucus, relieving chest congestion.

Is it available in specific flavors?

In addition to the standard, tasteless form, Herbion’s cold and flu remedy is also available in lemon flavor.

Cough and Cold

What is the difference between an expectorant and an anti tussive?

Anti-tussive, also known as cough suppression, works by inhibiting cough reflux and, therefore, is particularly useful in the treatment of dry cough. Expectorants, on the other hand, reduce the consistency of mucus, which allows a person to get rid of the larvae. Expectorants are generally used in chest congestion and wet / productive cough.

Are herbal ingredients safe to use?

Herbal ingredients are generally safe when used in recommended doses. In addition, it is important not to take herbal preparations with other drugs. Take herbal remedies a few hours before or after taking other medications to prevent drug interactions.

Do Herbion cough, cold and flu formulations contain alcohol?

No. Our formulations do not contain alcohol and, therefore, do not leave a sedative effect on the consumer.

Are these preparations safe for patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart failure?

For patients with chronic health problems, pregnancy, or a history of allergic reactions to medications or foods, it is recommended that cold, cough, and Herbion flu treatments be taken after consultation with a physician. .

What is the maximum duration of use for Herbion’s natural cures for colds, coughs and flu?

Herbion’s natural cures for cold, cough, chest congestion and flu are recommended for short-term relief from the respective health conditions only.