Coughing during the day can be annoying, but nighttime cough can quickly become the cause of sleeplessness. This natural reflex is your body’s way of getting rid of irritants from your lungs and airways. These irritants range from pollutants, mucus and microbes. This sensation starts within the throat as a tickle and escalates into a cough, especially when you are about to doze off to slumber. If this sounds familiar, perhaps it is time to try simple natural cough remedies. Before jumping into the cure, it is best to learn what might be triggering your cough. 

What Causes Nighttime Cough? 

If you are suffering from the flu, cold or sinus infection, laying down can cause mucus to drip from your sinuses or stuffy nose back into your throat. Some other conditions which can lead to the onset of nighttime cough include: 

  • Allergies:These range from hay fever to any other seasonal allergies you might be dealing with can lead to a blocked nose.  
  • Asthma: This condition involves the air tubes in your lungs to contract and close up, which can cause mucus to build up.  Asthma patients often suffer from dry cough since they do not take enough air while breathing. The presence of dust can aggravate this condition. 
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and Heartburn: These conditions involve stomach acids trickling up and triggering nerves in the lower part of the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube which connects the stomach to the mouth. Even in the absence of pain or burn, this condition can make one cough.  
  • Cigarettes: Smoking can lead to the accumulation of mucus in your lungs, which can urge you to cough. Cough can also be triggered as your body’s way of getting rid of toxins from your airways.  

In case you are suffering from excessive nighttime cough due to one of the reasons mentioned above, your healthcare practitioner will have to treat this specific condition, for the cough to subside. However, if you are suffering from cough due to cold or flu and are, therefore, looking to learn natural cough remedies for relief, then continue reading. 

How to Relieve Nighttime Cough? 

  • Best Herbal Cough Syrups 

It is no secret that over-the-counter medication can give you unwanted side effects, which can be damaging both in the short and long-term. Consider switching to the best herbal cough syrups such as Herbion Naturals Sugar-Free Cough Syrup. This non-sedative natural cough remedy contains a combination of potent herbs which give synergistic soothing effects to relieve cough related to common cold and flu. This herbal cough syrup for adults also reduces mucus lodged in the respiratory tract and eases chest complaints associated with bronchitis, catarrh and congestion. The alcohol, nut and sugar-free formulation comes in a palatable taste. Hop to to stock up on this herbal remedy. 

  • Honey 

Raw honey has been used since the dawn of times to relieve cough. Just two teaspoons of honey before bedtime seems to do the trick for calming cough and giving you uninterrupted snooze time. According to an article published in Jama Pediatrics, conducted on 105 children between the ages of 2 to 18 years old. These kids suffered from nocturnal symptoms and upper respiratory tract infections with an illness duration of 7 days or less. These participants were either given no treatment 30 minutes before bedtime, a single dose of dextromethorphan or a single dose of buckwheat honey. The conclusion showed parents preferred honey as the most favorable treatment for relieving their child’s cough and difficulty sleeping caused by upper respiratory tract infections. 

The AAP News & Journals Gatewaypublished a study in 2012 conducted on 300 children who were split into four groups. Each group was given three different types of honey or a placebo. It was concluded that even though an improvement was recorded for all groups, greater improvement was noticed in children who received one of the variations of honey. Honey is known to act as a powerful demulcent. It contains antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. This sweet golden syrup also coats the throat and triggers the swallowing mechanism which makes it ideal for nighttime dry cough. Its sweetness is known to break up mucus in the airways and soothe the back of the throat. Due to the many benefits of honey, it is also present in our best cough lozengesHerbion Cough Lozenges Honey Lemon. These drops provide temporary relief from cough, ease nasal congestion, clear nasal passages, soothe sore and irritated throat. Made with natural ingredients, these honey cough lozenges are appropriate for adults and children 12 years and above. Furthermore, these nut and alcohol-free drops come in a non-sedative composition which tastes delicious. 

  • Allergy-proof Your Bedding 

If you are an easy target for allergies, it is best to analyse your lifestyle and take simple steps to reduce the probability of contracting this dilemma. Since your bedroom is where you spend the better part of your time at home, which is ideally more than eight hours per night. It is a no brainer to make this area an allergy-free zone. Snub the telltale signs of allergies such as nasal stuffiness, sneezing and sniffling with these nifty tips. If the humidity is too high, turn on a portable humidifier and keep it between 30 to 50 percent. Make sure to keep your bedroom windows closed to avoid pollen. In case it gets stuffy crank up the air conditioning. You may also want to consider replacing carpeting with hardwood floors, as dust mites collect easily in carpets and rugs. Not only will wooden flooring escalate your room’s aesthetic, but it will also be easier to clean and maintain. Another great way to avoid dust mites is by frequently washing your bedding, duvet and pillowcases, preferably in hot water at least once a week. Once washed dry them in a dryer rather than hanging them outside on the clothesline where you’ll be at the mercy of pollen collection. If you have a beloved pet, set boundaries and deter them from snuggling on your cozy bed. 

  • Temporary Cough Suppressants 

Attending events while excessive nighttime cough in public spaces is not very appealing. Not to mention how uncomfortable it feels thinking you are a source of nuisance for those around you. In dire times when you can’t take it anymore and want quick temporary cough relief, reach out for cough lozenges. Primarily these drops work to help escalate the saliva production which coats the throat and curtails dryness thereby easing the cough reflex. However, what sets throat lozenges apart from a regular lolly are the extra ingredients which help subside symptoms of cough and sore throat. Pharmacies and supermarkets all over Canada have numerous shelves especially dedicated to sore throat lozenges with ingredients ranging from synthetic to natural formulations. Depending on your preference, you can pick one that works for you. We highly recommend Herbion Naturals best lozenges for sore throat. Our range includes sugar-free and regular lozenges. Both are created with the finest natural ingredients which work efficaciously without any adverse effects.