Let us take a brief moment to admit to ourselves one of the best things about Christmas is the age-old tradition of giving and receiving presents. From stocking stuffers to presents underneath the Christmas tree to Secret Santa, costs can pile up pretty quickly, and if you are not careful it can put a massive dent in your wallet. Though we do not suggest being a Grinch, the idea of not being able to pay the rent does not appeal to us either. Besides, the global pandemic has rendered thousands of people unemployed. Therefore, it is best to spend wisely. 

Most individuals are smart about allocating a budget exclusively for Christmas gift-giving, which rarely includes stocking stuffers. However, this mistake can result in shopping carts piled up with adorable little trinkets and knickknacks that add up to cost more than the actual presents. We have all been there. After all, it is easy to lose track of things because these little whatnots are too cute to pass and cost quite less individually. However, they can sneak up on your overall bill. 

Before we jump into things here is a quick reminder, stocking stuffers are what the name suggests an extra cheeky little treat to make your friends and family feel special. They need not be treated as a means to giving presents and therefore, do not need to cost too much. 

To help you curb costs and stay on a budget we have come to the rescue. If you are looking for cheap yet pocket-friendly stocking stuffers you just hit the jackpot! We’ve assembled a great list of stocking stuffers that you can comfortably get and that is utterly useful for anyone in your life. Plus, we have some nifty tips up our sleeve to help you stay on a budget. 

Let’s kick things off by allocating a budget. Anything from $10 to $25 is more than enough, we reckon. Try to get this bit of the Christmas shopping done at the Dollar Store. They usually have tons of amazing products at affordable prices. The best part is you will most certainly almost always be able to find something fun for all ages within your budget and maybe even save a few dollars. 

While some families have super fun stocking traditions, you can create your own or just go with the flow and get your loved one’s non-gift items you would not otherwise consider presents. Here is a list of incredible stocking stuffing ideas to treat those who matter the most. 

Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas 

For families with little ones, we highly recommend one of these cheap stocking stuffer ideas. Inexpensive color pencils, crayons, and coloring books. You can even add card games, sticker sheets, or a pack of fun bandaids they can carry in their school bag. Furthermore, children’s notebooks, pencil cases, and cartoon erasers all make for wonderful gift ideas. You can even throw some small toys, decorative items, comic books, water bottles for school, metal straws, and DIY hot chocolate kits for your little ones to enjoy. 

Best Food Stocking Stuffers 

Who does not enjoy getting a yummy treat in their stockings? We sure do! This is the best time to sneak in some nutritious foods for your little ones, such as bananas, oranges, peaches, or freeze-dried fruits. You can also get a family pack of mixed nuts and create small baggies for each family member’s stocking, decorate with a tiny ribbon, and voila! Some other great ideas include granola bars and candies, however, avoid chocolates as they can melt near the blazing flames from the fireplace. 

Since most individuals experience a spike in cough and sore throat during the winter months, one of the best things to sneak into stockings is good tasting cough dropsHerbion regular and Sugar-Free Cough Lozenges come in an array of flavors such as Mint, Honey-Lemon, Cherry, and Orange. These best throat lozenges, taste like a treat and work like a charm to subside cough and ease a sore throat. They come in a pack of 18 and a pouch of individually wrapped 25 lozenges, so you can stuff them by themselves or mix different flavors to create little baggies of your own. 

Herbion Cough Lozenges are suitable for adults and kids over 12 years. Here is the best part, you can get our best cough drops for sore throat from the comfort of your home. Head over to Amazonand shop online for a fuss-free delivery even during the holiday season across Canada. 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men and Women 

Since this can be a wonderful time to give your loved one’s everyday items, spend wisely on things they can utilize daily, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, or even a bottle of hair conditioner. For men, you can add grooming items such as a pack of razors, shaving cream, or shaving brush. For little girls, throw in vibrant nail polishes, lip gloss, or a cute little hairbrush they can carry to school. You can even get stylish yet comfortable cloth face masks for the whole family to wear outdoors and a bottle of hand sanitizer to ensure their safety. Furthermore, key chains, lip balms, hand creams, colorful bobble hats, and mittens all make for great stocking stuffers. You can even get mobile phone covers, artificial jewelry, $5 gift cards, magazines, books, or Christmas tree ornaments to add to stockings. 


Do not forget to keep a track of greeting cards, ribbons, and wrapping sheets. These miscellaneous expenses can pile up and take a toll on your budget. Try to keep these under $25. Invest in plain brown wrapping papers, as these are economical and eco-friendly. Additionally, you can gather the kids and draw cute little drawings all over the wrapping papers to add an adorable little personalized touch to the present. 

Try not to stress yourself with gift-giving. It is only a small part of the holiday tradition. The real essence is in making others feel special, which you can easily do by showing gratitude with a few kind words or by penning down your feelings in a handwritten letter. We hope this Christmas you have a blast spreading joy to all and a jolly good time with your friends and family. Happy holidays!