One of the earliest known recorded medical documents written by Egyptians, called Papyrus Ebers, dates around 1500 B.C. This 20-meter long scroll documented over 850 plant-based remedies. Herbal remedies were also used in Greek, Traditional Chinese and Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine. Herbalism has been around since a very long time and rightfully so since there are thousands of different herbs with numerous uses, which can be utilised for natural remedies.

Herbal medicine can be used as complementary medicine alongside other natural therapies, such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, etc. They come in forms of capsules or teas which makes them easy to consume. Herbal cough syrups can be a great alternative to prescription medicine. Made with all natural formulation, it benefits in the short and long-term. Continue reading, to discover the advantages of herbal cough syrups:

  • Minimum Side Effects

    Manufacturers don’t always have transparent policies which inform customers about the ill effects of consuming their medicines. Herbal cough medicine is gentler than prescription drugs and typically has fewer side effects as compared to traditional medicine. The herbal components are well tolerated by most patients, which makes it safer to use over time.

  • Gentle Cumulative Effect

    Repeated intake of herbal medicines results in increased effectiveness than that produced by the first dose. Herbal cough syrups are known for their long-term benefits especially for chronic conditions, where patients don’t respond too well to traditional medicines.

  • Top Quality

    Producing herbal medicines requires growing premium quality herbs on suitable soil, harvesting at the right time when the most active ingredients are present in the plant, using different parts for different ingredients and extracting the right way so none of the active ingredients get damaged. Once this process is complete, herbs get stored at a specific temperature and humidity, which are then further used to prepare medication. This extensive procedure ensures you get high-quality remedies, which make natural syrups the best cough medicine for the whole family.

  • Availability

    These syrups are readily available at your local pharmacy, health food and online stores. Herbs are classified as dietary supplements and since they do not require a prescription, it makes them accessible to almost anyone looking to benefit from natural remedies.

  • No Fatal Overdose

    Clearly recommended dosages and warnings are mentioned on herbal syrups which reduce chances of misuse. All natural ingredients ensure no risk of cough syrup abuse, which is common for prescription medicine and can lead to fatal or life-altering overdose.

  • Beneficial for Children 

    There are a number of herbal supplements available in the market for children. Herbal medication has a gentle effect on growing bodies, which is not the case for prescription medicine since they usually have side effects.

  • Strengthen the Immune System

    Some all natural syrups contain certain herbs such as Calendula, Astragalus, Andrographis and medicinal Mushrooms to name a few, that can help boost the immune system. Thereby improving your body’s ability to combat the common cold and flu.

Try natural cough syrups to experience the benefits yourself.