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August 2020

A Guide to Staycation at Home with Kids

As the lockdown eases across Canada, we are still unsure when it will completely lift, and if life will go back to the normal, we once knew. With each special occasion going uncelebrated such as, birthdays or anniversaries, it feels the year is fleeting.  Just [...]

July 2020

Must-Have Foods to Eliminate Bloating

What Causes Bloating?  Bloating is one of the most commonly occurring abdominal issues among both men and women. It occurs when the gastrointestinal tract is filled with gas or air. Bloating symptoms include a feeling of fullness and tightness. Individuals also feel uncomfortable and conscious as it can make [...]

7 Easy Ways to Promote Gut Health

The gut health consists of a complex balance of microorganisms that live within the digestive tract. Bacteria and gut microbes, such as viruses and fungi, play a great role in ensuring you stay fit and healthy. Microbes are essential for immune functionality, digestion, and weight regulation. [...]

6 Absolute Best Foods for Digestion

If you are a foodie, then you have most likely struggled with digestion at some point. As foodies, we love experimenting with a variety of foods and often tend to overeat beyond our usual limit. Guilty as charged, we do not feel bad about it either, because food is [...]

8 Tips for Parents to Make the Most of Online Learning with Kids

As COVID-19 spreads across Canada, the country along with the entire world, is watching eateries, offices and school closures. While this step is evident and necessary, we have now thoroughly entered the digital age, where the entire education system has transferred online. While college students [...]

June 2020

6 Worst Foods for Digestion

Your diet plays a great role in maintaining good health. The digestive tract helps absorb much-needed nutrients as well as eliminate waste. Eating a healthy diet comprising of a complex balance of water, proteins, vitamins, salts, carbohydrates, fats, insoluble and soluble fiber ensures you digest [...]

Ideas to Stay Safe, Positive and Productive During Self-Isolation

As COVID-19 spreads across the globe affecting millions of people, schools, offices, cinemas, restaurants and pubs are shutting down, making it increasingly evident, self-isolation is a vital measure to protect public health. However, practicing social distancing and continuously being bombarded by the news about this grim and [...]

May 2020

5 Productive Ways of Using Cough Lozenges

Are you fed up of coughing and sneezing? Is your sore throat getting unbearably itchy and scratchy? Is it irritating you and disrupting your daily activities? Try over the counter throat lozenges, they dissolve slowly in the mouth to temporarily relieve coughs and soothe irritated [...]

Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy During the Flu Season

Amid COVID-19 global pandemic, we cannot ignore the flu season. As parents, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep our children safe; therefore, we need to take a proactive role in promoting good health for our children. The following early flu symptoms can help you determine if [...]

How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Well-Being

What Is Gut Health and Why Is It Important?  Your gut health has a massive impact on your mood, immune system and mental health. It even affects inflammation and weight, as well. Did you know 90% of the body’s serotonin occurs within the gut? This happy hormone [...]

April 2020

Guidelines for Radon Levels in Canadian Households

Are you aware, after smoking, radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Canada?  What Is Radon Level?  Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive tasteless, odourless and colourless gas. Seemingly harmless, this gas can quickly become an alarming cause if detected in your home.  This dangerous gas emits from [...]

Is Licorice effective against COVID 19?

According to a recent BBC News article: More than 85% of all confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded in China who underwent Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have recovered better than those who took only conventional medication. Almost all hospitalized patients were prescribed traditional medicine, a combination [...]

Importance of Yoga for Kids and 3 Must-Try Poses

Yoga stands for yoke or union and signifies the integration of spirit, mind and body. If your children are not enjoying yoga for kids, then they are seriously missing out. This wonderful practice can be a beautiful bonding experience for both parents and children. Yoga can be [...]

3 Ways to Improve Gut Health in Kids

Why Gut Health Is Mental Health?  With the rise of social media and being under a constant microscope and scrutiny of peers, it can all amount to unwanted anxiety, depression and even mood swings. What most parents do not realize is that, what their children [...]

Brilliant Ways to Make 2020 The Year of Less Sugar

Kindness is like sugar; it makes life taste a little sweeter. We hands down agree with this statement; however, in this article, we are not going to sugarcoat facts and butter up the truth (pun intended). Let us walk you through the dark reality of how the food and [...]

March 2020

6 Most Common Health Concerns for Canadians

Though we consider Canada’s health-care system to be a mark of pride. However, it is in danger of losing its credibility as a global health leader. As a proud citizen you already know, but let us set the record straight once and for all.   Canada’s [...]

8 Powerful Reasons Why You Should go Vegan

If your New Year’s Resolution list includes getting in shape and saving the planet from deteriorating, then going vegan is surely for you. Veganism is good for the environment as well as your health. Tons of celebrities have adopted this lifestyle including Alicia Silverstone and Stevie Wonder and for good reasons. [...]

Benefits of Juice Fast with Detox Juices

What is Juice Fasting?  Juice fast for liver detox is by far one of the most delicious diets. Whether you want to try juice fast for weight loss or to cleanse liver, it is easy to keep up with and the best part is you improve your hair [...]

3 Delicious Liver Detox Juices

Liver health is essential for filtering blood coming from the digestive tracts, before circulating within the entire body. This vital organ also metabolizes drugs and detoxifies chemicals. Moreover, the liver also secretes bile, which goes back into the intestines.  Liver Health and Alcohol  Fatty liver disease is [...]

February 2020

The Many Benefits of Yoga for Women

Being a mom is no walk in the park. This full-time job requires you to be on duty from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep. Getting your kids ready, making sure your family eats healthy meals and the kids [...]

Flu Season: Symptoms and Effective Treatments

As much as we enjoy a winter wonderland, it comes with countless sniffles, coughs and other cold and flu symptoms. The flu also goes by the term influenza. This viral infection affects the respiratory system, including the nose, throat and lungs. For most people, influenza treats overtime on its own. [...]

Novel Coronavirus Detected in Canada 2020

The novel coronavirus is quickly becoming a global threat. This virus is an infection within the sinuses, nose and upper throat. It is important to know though a majority of coronaviruses are not dangerous, it is better to stay safe than sorry.  The first coronavirus in Canada was reported [...]

Tips for Liver Damage Repair and Optimal Health

Your liver is one of your most vital organs that keeps the body functioning; it is optimal. This organ filters blood pumping through the digestive tract, before supplying it to the rest of the body. It also metabolizes drugs and detoxifies chemicals.  Moreover, the function of the liver [...]

January 2020

Winter Safety Tips Every Canadian Should Know

Winter is the most wonderful time of the year. With snow as far as the eyes can see, the cozy white blanket prompts the whole city to slow down a little and enjoy the weather. Kids and adults enjoy indulging in snowball fights, ice skating and making snowmen. [...]

3 Surprising Ways You Might Be Damaging Your Liver

Did you know the liver carries over 500 vital tasks? Not only is it the largest solid organ, but it is also the largest gland in the human body. The liver functions to process nutrients from food, protein synthesis, detoxification, production of bile, removal of [...]

Super Fun Ways to Celebrate Family Day

If you are always looking for ways to make the most of Family Day, then join us as we explore fun ways to enjoy it. This holiday is celebrated in certain parts of Canada on the 3rd Monday of February. To make the most of [...]

December 2019

Moms Guide to an Active Lifestyle for Kids

Isn't it absurd how some kids breeze through the cold and flu season without getting ill, while others can't seem to catch a break? As mom's, we want the very best for our kids and good health is by far the highest priority.   Why You [...]

Coleslaw Recall: Salmonella Outbreak in Canada 2019

As of December 3rd, 2019 the popular brand President’s Choice coleslaw, is being recalled by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) due to possible salmonella contamination. This action is being taken specifically for packaging with a best before date of December 4th, 2019 with the following codes:   [...]

Top Reasons Not to Drink During the Holiday Season

The holiday season has finally arrived with plenty of parties and gatherings with friends and family over delicious meals and a few drinks. It is no secret, that alcohol consumption during the holidays increases drastically. This holds especially true for Christmas and New Year parties.   However, drinking alcohol can lead to intoxication which can be [...]

November 2019

10 Delicious Foods and Drinks to Boost Your Immune System

Now that we are in the midst of the flu season, it is more important than ever to make the immune system robust to avoid getting ill. The best practices, of course, include washing your hands, getting a flu shot and plenty of sleep.   Prevent flu symptoms with basic [...]

Tips to Improve Your Digestion Naturally for the Holidays

Digestive problems are a recurrent complaint, especially around the holidays. With dinner table laden with roast chicken, ham, potatoes and mashed potatoes, it is easy to lose count after the second helping. This lip-smacking dinner soon follows with delectable desserts, huddling together to sing Christmas carols [...]

A Mom’s Guide to Cold & Flu Season

As the sweater weather rolls around, so does the probability of getting common cold and flu symptoms. Especially for kids who are still in the process of building immunity. If your little one comes down with the cold or flu, the bad news is that they feel [...]

October 2019

Your Guide to Staying Healthy During Changing Weather

Changing temperatures and fluctuating weather patterns not only require you to gear up your wardrobe but to also pay a closer look at your health. As the weather changes gradually from fall to winter, the chilly morning breeze can result in a sneeze, sniffle and [...]

6 Effective Foods to Improve Digestion Naturally at Home

It is no surprise that the digestive tract plays an essential role in your health. It is responsible for eliminating waste and ensuring that necessary nutrients consumed, get absorbed as well. A lot of people tend to suffer digestive problems such as gas, diarrhea, cramping, constipation, bloating and abdominal [...]

The Impact of Sugar on Your Liver Health

Who doesn’t enjoy indulging in delicious sugary desserts? Perhaps you adore monster shakes with an over the top Instagram worthy sprinkle of chocolate chips, marshmallows, wafers, finished off with a warm brownie and whipped cream. Or maybe you prefer taking your daily sugar intake in [...]

4 Effective Foods to Boost the Immune System for Pre-Teens

If you are wondering why the immune system is important for happy, healthy children, then you have come to the right place. If your child gets sick more frequently than his peers, then it is most likely that a weak immune system is causing this. The immune system comprises of cells, proteins, [...]

7 Herbs and Spices that Help Digest Thanksgiving Meals

As this year comes closer to an end, Thanksgiving rolls up, bringing with it an array of meals all to be consumed with your beloved family and friends. The ambiance is always welcoming, and the house is crowded with familiar faces, accompanied by the hustle and bustle [...]

September 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Nighttime Cough

Coughing during the day can be annoying, but nighttime cough can quickly become the cause of sleeplessness. This natural reflex is your body’s way of getting rid of irritants from your lungs and airways. These irritants range from pollutants, mucus and microbes. This sensation starts within the throat as a tickle [...]

4 Foods You Must Include in a Liver Healthy Diet

The liver is a powerhouse organ in the human body which is liable for taking care of vital metabolic functions. It converts our diets into substances the body can utilize, store and pass along to cells when needed. When this vital organ is working at its [...]

3 Natural Health Remedies to Treat Cough in Children

As parents, we try our best to make sure our kids remain healthy no matter the weather or season. Curtailing your child’s exposure to germs and strengthening his immune system is the best way to ensure he doesn’t get ill. However, it is inevitable for [...]

3 Incredible Health Benefits of Stevia

Stevia is a plant-derived sweetener. Unlike other sugar substitutes in the market, stevia is beneficial for health. This plant belongs to the Asteraceae family. Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni), the prized species of stevia, grows in Brazil and Paraguay. Although the natives used stevia leaves since centuries, an Italian botanist, [...]

August 2019

5 Best Cold and Flu Prevention Tips for Kids

Are you aware the average adult gets two to four colds annually? On the other hand, children get five to ten colds each year. This stark difference is because they have a weak immune system and are therefore more prone to getting ill. A common cold can spread through [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Gastro-Intestinal Support Capsules

The digestive system comprises of different parts of the body, but the main aim of it is to process the food we drink and eat which is generated to provide nutrient and energy and later to also deal with its waste products. This energy ensures the repair of [...]

9 Well Kept Mom Secrets Whose Kids Rarely Get Sick in Winters

Tis the season to be jolly and weary of flu symptoms. That’s right flu season is upon us and for moms, this means doing everything possible to ensure their child does not come down with the flu. We all know that one neighbourhood kid who just never [...]

July 2019

Symptoms and Treatment of the Flu

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, attacks the respiratory system which includes the nose, throat and lungs. Flu is worse than the cold and though it usually relieves on its own, if left untreated it can be deadly. Along with taking precautions, you should get [...]

8 Simple Steps to Self-Love

If you believe you cannot love someone else until you love yourself, then you are not alone. Everyone talks about self-love, yet most of us do not know how to practice it or even where to begin. It is monumental to living well since it [...]

6 Fail-Safe Ways to Counteract the Cold & Flu with Herbs

In Canada, peak times for colds are at the start of fall, mid-winter and again in early spring. This may vary depending on where you live. Seasonal changes bring about bouts of cold viruses passing in-between children and adults. Adults catch approximately 2 to 4 [...]

February 2019

5 Great Healthy Gains from Herbal Granules

As fall glides comfortably into winter, it becomes inevitable you will come down with the common cold. Stuffy nose, nagging cough, sore throat and fever lurk right around the corner, waiting to attack your immune system, leaving you feeling lethargic and ill. The unique nature [...]

Top 10 Foods to Boost Your Immunity

The immune system is the body’s natural defense mechanism which wards off infections and viruses. It keeps infectious microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses out of the body. Eating certain foods can help build immunity. This winter try adding a few of the following superfoods to [...]

Reasons Why Herbion Liver Supplement is the Best

Did you know approximately eight million Canadians may be affected by liver disease? It is a growing concern not just among seniors but also newborns, and since there are little to no symptoms exhibited, doctors rarely test it during annual checkups. According to Canadian Liver [...]

December 2018

Top Four Advantages of Cough Lozenges

An itchy throat can feel like a thousand tiny spikes scratching you from within. Whooping cough can feel excruciating, swallowing, eating and breathing can all become difficult. These unpleasant symptoms can be banished easily with Herbion Cough Lozenges. Made with an herbal blend of Menthol, [...]

9 Tips to Improve Digestion During Holiday Feasts

Holiday parties practically revolve around delicious homemade meals, drinks and desserts. However, excessive drinking and eating can lead to bloating, gas, high acidity, bowel irregularity and frequent loose motions. Simple lifestyle changes can help you boost metabolism, improve your digestive system, promote the absorption of nutrients, gradually rid the body of unwanted waste [...]

Top Class Ways to Buy Herbal Products

The rich history of herbalism is spread all over the world. The use of medicinal plants dates back to the origin of humankind. It all began in 60,000+ BCE by Ancient Paleolithics. The ancient Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians, Indians and Native Americans were also herbalists. However, [...]

November 2018

The Cough, Cold & Flu Conundrum & How to Deal with It

Who doesn’t enjoy jumping in the snow, running around having snow fights, painstakingly making the most out of proportion snowmen, sipping on hot chocolates, curling up in front of the fireplace, the joys of winters are insurmountable! Having said that, winters also brings along cough, [...]

Charge Your Life with These 5 Potent Herbal Ingredients

For centuries, due to the healing and restorative power of herbs, they have been used by apothecaries and herbalists to cure various ailments. On the other hand, ever since culinary excellence was discovered women and men have been cooking with herbs to add colour, aroma [...]

October 2018

Boons and Benefits of Herbal Cough Syrups

One of the earliest known recorded medical documents written by Egyptians, called Papyrus Ebers, dates around 1500 B.C. This 20-meter long scroll documented over 850 plant-based remedies. Herbal remedies were also used in Greek, Traditional Chinese and Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine. Herbalism has been around since [...]