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Winter Safety Tips Every Canadian Should Know

Winter is the most wonderful time of the year. With snow as far as the eyes can see, the cozy white blanket prompts the whole city to slow down a little and enjoy the weather. Kids and adults enjoy indulging in snowball fights, ice skating and making snowmen.

However, the chilly season can also be the most accident-prone season. The sidewalks […]

3 Surprising Ways You Might Be Damaging Your Liver

Did you know the liver carries over 500 vital tasks? Not only is it the largest solid organ, but it is also the largest gland in the human body. The liver functions to process nutrients from food, protein synthesis, detoxification, production of bile, removal of toxins from the body and regulation of the production […]

Super Fun Ways to Celebrate Family Day

If you are always looking for ways to make the most of Family Day, then join us as we explore fun ways to enjoy it. This holiday is celebrated in certain parts of Canada on the 3rd Monday of February. To make the most of it we have gathered a list of six activities […]

Moms Guide to an Active Lifestyle for Kids

Isn’t it absurd how some kids breeze through the cold and flu season without getting ill, while others can’t seem to catch a break? As mom’s, we want the very best for our kids and good health is by far the highest priority.  

Why You Should Keep Kids Active? 

In an […]

Coleslaw Recall: Salmonella Outbreak in Canada 2019

As of December 3rd, 2019 the popular brand President’s Choice coleslaw, is being recalled by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) due to possible salmonella contamination. This action is being taken specifically for packaging with a best before date of December 4th, 2019 with the following codes:  

  • Best Before 2019 […]

Top Reasons Not to Drink During the Holiday Season

The holiday season has finally arrived with plenty of parties and gatherings with friends and family over delicious meals and a few drinks. It is no secret, that alcohol consumption during the holidays increases drastically. This holds especially true for Christmas and New Year parties 

However, drinking alcohol can lead […]

Everything You Need to Know About Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak 2019

Are you aware that the Romaine Lettuce found at your local grocery store might be infected with E. coli? Here’s all you need to know about this unfortunate outbreak of romaine lettuce E. coli 2019.  

Where is E. Coli Romaine Lettuce from? 

In the light of recent Escherichia coli (E. coli) […]

Tips to Improve Your Digestion Naturally for the Holidays

Digestive problems are a recurrent complaint, especially around the holidays. With dinner table laden with roast chicken, ham, potatoes and mashed potatoes, it is easy to lose count after the second helping. This lip-smacking dinner soon follows with delectable desserts, huddling together to sing Christmas carols and heaps of alcohol to guzzle down this […]

A Mom’s Guide to Cold & Flu Season

As the sweater weather rolls around, so does the probability of getting common cold and flu symptoms. Especially for kids who are still in the process of building immunity. If your little one comes down with the cold or flu, the bad news is that they feel awful, but the good news