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3 Ways to Improve Gut Health in Kids

Why Gut Health Is Mental Health? 

With the rise of social media and being under a constant microscope and scrutiny of peers, it can all amount to unwanted anxiety, depression and even mood swings. What most parents do not realize is that, what their children eat, affects not only their weight, but also […]

Brilliant Ways to Make 2020 The Year of Less Sugar

Kindness is like sugar; it makes life taste a little sweeter. We hands down agree with this statement; however, in this article, we are not going to sugarcoat facts and butter up the truth (pun intended). Let us walk you through the dark reality of how the food and beverage industry is sneaking sugar […]

6 Most Common Health Concerns for Canadians

Though we consider Canada’s health-care system to be a mark of pride. However, it is in danger of losing its credibility as a global health leader. As a proud citizen you already know, but let us set the record straight once and for all.  

Canada’s taxpayer-funded Medicare system no longer requires citizens […]

8 Powerful Reasons Why You Should go Vegan

If your New Year’s Resolution list includes getting in shape and saving the planet from deteriorating, then going vegan is surely for you. Veganism is good for the environment as well as your health. Tons of celebrities have adopted this lifestyle including Alicia Silverstone and Stevie Wonder and for good reasons. Over […]

Benefits of Juice Fast with Detox Juices

What is Juice Fasting? 

Juice fast for liver detox is by far one of the most delicious diets. Whether you want to try juice fast for weight loss or to cleanse liver, it is easy to keep up with and the best part is you improve your hair and skin along the way.

3 Delicious Liver Detox Juices

Liver health is essential for filtering blood coming from the digestive tracts, before circulating within the entire body. This vital organ also metabolizes drugs and detoxifies chemicals. Moreover, the liver also secretes bile, which goes back into the intestines. 

Liver Health and Alcohol 

Fatty liver disease is one of the many causes […]

The Many Benefits of Yoga for Women

Being a mom is no walk in the park. This full-time job requires you to be on duty from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep. Getting your kids ready, making sure your family eats healthy meals and the kids remain occupied with productive activities is no piece of […]

Flu Season: Symptoms and Effective Treatments

As much as we enjoy a winter wonderland, it comes with countless sniffles, coughs and other cold and flu symptoms. The flu also goes by the term influenza. This viral infection affects the respiratory system, including the nosethroat and lungs. For most people, influenza treats overtime on its own. […]

Novel Coronavirus Detected in Canada 2020

The novel coronavirus is quickly becoming a global threat. This virus is an infection within the sinuses, nose and upper throat. It is important to know though a majority of coronaviruses are not dangerous, it is better to stay safe than sorry. 

The first coronavirus in Canada was reported earlier in January, after […]

Tips for Liver Damage Repair and Optimal Health

Your liver is one of your most vital organs that keeps the body functioning; it is optimal. This organ filters blood pumping through the digestive tract, before supplying it to the rest of the body. It also metabolizes drugs and detoxifies chemicals. 

Moreover, the function of the liver in the digestive system includes […]