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6 Self-Care Practices for the Best Mental Health

As parents, our highest priority is to take care of our little ones. We make sure they eat food on time, do not stay glued to the television all day, stay healthy, and get proper sleep. However, with our busy schedules, we often overlook ourselves and tend to forget that we cannot take care […]

4 Ways You Are Damaging Your Liver During Self-Isolation

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, self-isolation and maintaining social distance has become the new norm. However, can isolation take a toll on you mentally and physically? It certainly can. Being cooped up at home in your head can take deteriorate the mental health of even the best of us. 

Despite being […]

Tips to Treat and Prevents Kids Sports Injuries

Do you have a young athlete at home, who often returns from practice in excruciating pain? You are not alone. Did you know emergency rooms report, youth athletic injuries as one of the leading causes of children’s visits? The recurrent reason for kids’ sports injuries being the overuse of the same muscle or joint.

A Guide to Back to School 2020 Safety Measures

Children seem to have outgrown online learning. Though some students found it difficult to concentrate or attend online classes on a schedule, majority of them missed the routine of going to school, meeting friends, and interacting with teachers daily. With back to school 2020 plans full swing in Canada, safety measures should be the […]

What to Expect This Winter During COVID-19

Winters are just around the corner, and the burning question on everyone’s mind is, will it cause a spike in coronavirus cases and if it will result in a second wave of the virus? Unfortunately, since the pandemic is unpredictable, it is difficult to understand what the outcome will be. However, winters are also […]

Fatty Liver Disease – A Growing Concern in Canada

According to a modeling study, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) will escalate approximately 20% by 2030. Doctors across Canada say there is a rapid escalation of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease even amid coronavirus pandemic.  

Did you know people live for years with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease without even knowing […]

A Guide to Staycation at Home with Kids

As the lockdown eases across Canada, we are still unsure when it will completely lift, and if life will go back to the normal, we once knew. With each special occasion going uncelebrated such as, birthdays or anniversaries, it feels the year is fleeting. 

Just like most adults, children are also getting tired […]

Must-Have Foods to Eliminate Bloating

What Causes Bloating? 

Bloating is one of the most commonly occurring abdominal issues among both men and women. It occurs when the gastrointestinal tract is filled with gas or air. Bloating symptoms include a feeling of fullness and tightness. Individuals also feel uncomfortable and conscious as it can make the stomach appear bigger […]

7 Easy Ways to Promote Gut Health

The gut health consists of a complex balance of microorganisms that live within the digestive tract. Bacteria and gut microbes, such as viruses and fungi, play a great role in ensuring you stay fit and healthy. Microbes are essential for immune functionality, digestion, and weight regulation. Therefore, your diet can have a massive impact […]

6 Absolute Best Foods for Digestion

If you are a foodie, then you have most likely struggled with digestion at some point. As foodies, we love experimenting with a variety of foods and often tend to overeat beyond our usual limit. Guilty as charged, we do not feel bad about it either, because food is life. This can sometimes lead to problems with digestion […]