Are you fed up of coughing and sneezing? Is your sore throat getting unbearably itchy and scratchy? Is it irritating you and disrupting your daily activities? Try over the counter throat lozenges, they dissolve slowly in the mouth to temporarily relieve coughs and soothe irritated throat. Additionally, they taste great and come in an array of flavours to choose from. You can always choose one that tastes delicious, unlike the case of most cough syrups.

Let’s look at 5 productive ways of using Herbion Naturals organic cough lozenges:

  • Convenient On the Go – No Matter Where You Go

Have you ever been pumped to give a stellar performance at a job interview, public speaking event, concert or simply a first date only to find you have come down with a severe bout of cough. Nothing disrupts your concentration like nagging cough and constant pauses in between. Cough lozenges are the ultimate solution. They come in compact packaging which can be tucked in your pocket or purse and can be easily consumed whether you are at a public event or driving home.

  • Finally, a Cough Remedy that Tastes Good

It’s no surprise, feeding food to children can be quite a task, giving them medicine can be an even bigger dilemma. They simply won’t take nasty bitter cough syrups, unless you bribe them with chocolates. A 100% guaranteed remedy they will take though are throat lozenges. With tons of delicious flavours such as cherry, mint, orange, honey-lemon and many others, there’s something for everyone. Lozenges soothe the throat and calm cough as they dissolve slowly. It is recommended that it be consumed by children above 12 years.

  • Sugar-Free Cough Remedy

Adults who prefer avoiding sugar due to health reasons or being overweight can easily opt for sugar-free lozenges. This remedy does not affect the blood sugar levels and works just as well as the original formula.

  • Non-Sedative Solution

Whether you are a stay at home mom who works round the clock or a college student who has to stay focused on school work and remain active in a fast paced environment; you simply can’t afford to take a sick day. Say goodbye to nasal congestion, cough and irritated throat with cough lozenges. They work soothingly as you work vigorously. The non-sedative formula doesn’t make you drowsy or lower your energy level, which makes it ideal for those who have to give their 100% every day.

  • Minimum Side Effects

If you’re health conscious and are hesitant on consuming just about any medicine, then herbal medication is your best option. Try Herbion organic cough lozenges, the formula contains natural ingredients with minimum side effects and maximum benefits.

Head to your nearest health food store or pharmacy to get yourself a pack of organic cough lozenges in your favourite flavour.