As fall glides comfortably into winter, it becomes inevitable you will come down with the common cold. Stuffy nose, nagging cough, sore throat and fever lurk right around the corner, waiting to attack your immune system, leaving you feeling lethargic and ill. The unique nature of Herbion Naturals’ Cold & Flu Remedy Herbal Granules makes it ideal for combating cold and flu, asthma, whooping cough, chronic bronchitis, catarrh and other seasonal changes.

These concentrated granules contain a natural blend of medicinal plants, namely White Willow, Emblic, Malabar Nut Tree, Licorice, Sweet Violet, Black tea, Valerian and Bitter Fennel. Simply consume our nature-based granules like an instant herbal drink, stir in hot water or tea and sip away slowly. The warmth of this herbal remedy will engulf your entire body, wrapping you in a cozy feeling, while soothing your throat and nasal passages, making it easier to breathe.

Made with a non-sedative formula which is free from alcohol and nut, this herbal drink is ideal for restoring comfort lost due to illness. Herbion Cold & Flu Remedy granules come in small easy to carry sachets which can be consumed throughout the day and served as a pick-me-up anytime you feel drained of energy. They come in a regular and lemon flavour, both of which taste equally delicious.

Below are listed 5 great healthy gains from Herbal Granules:

Boost Your Immune System

This dietary supplement contains Emblic and Indian Gooseberry which have antioxidant properties that improve your immunity to combat cold and flu vigorously. Additionally, Gooseberry also increases white blood cells in the body, which are the key to a strong immune system, since these cells combat substances and foreign toxins in the bloodstream. The stronger your immune, the more likely you are to ward off common cold.

Decongest & Breathe Easy

Chest congestion can cause irritability and lead to sleepless nights and uncomfortable days. These herbal granules relieve inflammation and congestion of the respiratory tract, by breaking down mucus in the bronchial system, which enables for healthy respiratory functionality.

Get Quick Relief from All Types of Coughs

Our blend of herbal granules is ideal for relieving different types of coughs. Made with Licorice, the warmth of this herbal drink coats the throat with a thin film of mucilage to protect it from cough causing irritants. This herb eases sore throat owing to its soothing, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Sweet Fennel seeds help loosen mucus in lungs, Valerian eases acute cough and Menthol soothes the throat leading to clear respiratory tract and comfortable breathing.

Ease Bronchial Irritation & Congestion

Our Cold & Flu Remedy Granules are formulated with Gooseberry and White Willow that reduce inflammation and Wild Violet which soothes cough. Malabar Nut in this herbal drink is an antiseptic for bronchial tubes and an effective expectorant, which works by decreasing inflammation and reducing thickened mucus. This herb eases production of sputum, cough, breathlessness, fatigue and discomfort caused by bronchitis. The natural extracts of this remedy relieve nagging cough and chest congestion effectively, while optimizing respiratory functionality.

Soothe Common Cold & Flu Symptoms

The unique concoction of our balanced herbal remedy makes it extremely beneficial for cold, cough, sore throat and nasal congestion. White Willow acts similar to aspirin, it relieves back, neck and muscle aches which are commonly experienced during illness. Additionally, this herb also relieves flu and common cold.

Opt for Herbion Cold & Flu Remedy Herbal Granules, it contains medicinal herbs made with superior quality extracts which are ideal for the whole family.